Building Respect

How we coach is just as important as what we coach
For Players

Skills Academy 5 - 18 years

Developing fundamental rugby skills (technical, perceptual & tactical) for school-aged rugby players of all levels & abilities, including (where applicable):

• Catching & passing
• Kicking
• Tackling
• Attack & Defense
• Breakdown & Set piece
• Speed, Agility & Quickness (SAQ)

Offered in various locations for different age groups, and aligned to the school term. Check out our current programmes.

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Skills in Schools 4 - 10 years

Introduction to rugby, focused on basic skills & movements, to build confidence for young players & non-players of rugby, including:

  • Catching & passing
  • Functional movements & shapes of rugby
  • Multi-directional movement, balance, hand-eye coordination
  • Speed, Agility & Quickness (SAQ)
  • Discipline & teamwork

Delivered on-site at the end of the school day and aligned to the school term. Check out our current programmes.

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Camps School-aged & Adult

Short intensive programmes focused on further developing fundamental rugby skills. Various options may include:

  • Junior Rugby Skills
  • Junior Elite & Senior Elite
  • Girls & Senior Ladies
  • Sevens-specific

Offered in various locations throughout the year, check out our current programmes.

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For Coaches

Coaching Coaches Adult

Highly interactive & practical programmes focused on the ‘how to’ and ‘what’ of coaching, including:

  • Age-appropriate coaching
  • Game knowledge
  • Exploring coaching process skills
  • Skills & technique coaching

Offered throughout the year, programmes can also be delivered specifically for your club. Check out our upcoming programmes.

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Skills Academy parent - Malcolm Corsie
"The coaches are friendly and enthusiastic, always approaching training sessions with energy & passion for the game - which rubs off on the boys. The atmosphere and quality of coaching makes for a great combination."
Coaching Coaches club coach - Ryan Banks
"The Coaching Coaches is extremely inclusive, dynamic and packed with lots of critical information. Coaches leave fully understanding what they have been taught and are able to implement in their own environment with confidence."
Skills in Schools - Niall Statham Head of PE, JESS Jumeirah School
"The APRSA has been crucial to the strategic development of our rugby development plan. Since partnering with APRSA the results of our teams have improved, but more importantly, more children are involved in the sport and are playing the game correctly."

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