Terms & Conditions - SKILLS IN SCHOOLS

10 Mar 2018


The Apollo Perelini Rugby Skills Academy (APRSA) reserve the right to update & change, from time to time, the Terms and Conditions.All current attendees of the Academy will be notified of any changes.


  • Acceptance of an application for membership is at the discretion of the APRSA.
  • Registration for the programme is with the Apollo Sporting Academy (the governing body of APRSA).
  • Registration is confirmed upon notification from APRSA that your registration has been approved.
  • Registration is limited to the APRSA ‘Skills in School’ Programme for the term specified.
  • Preference of place will be given to those individuals who choose to register for the entire term.
  • Registration forms must be completed in full no later than the second week of commencing the programme.

Price & Payment Terms

  • The price of the programme will be as specified in promotional material made available in print and/or electronically.
  • Full payment is due at the time of registration to guarantee your place in the programme.
  • Payment for programmes can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer.
    • CHEQUES are payable to: ‘Apollo Sporting Academy’.
    • BANK TRANSFERS can be made to the following account:

In favour: Apollo Sporting Academy

Name of Bank: Emirates NBD

Branch: Al Barsha Branch

Account No.: 1014967966301

IBAN: AE680260001014967966301

Swift Code: EBILAEAD

The Programme

  • APRSA prioritise the safety and well-being of all children participating in our programmes.
  • APRSA reserve the right to remove from the programme any person who is found to engage in offensive behavior, the bullying of others, disruptive behaviour or for any other reason where we consider a person’s behaviour is detrimental to the safety of other persons attending a programme.
  • In the event of removal from the programme for any of these reasons, no refund will be made of any fees paid.

Refunds Policy

  • No refund is permitted for a participant’s failure to attend the programme.
  • Non-attendance due to sickness or injury: in the event that you are not able to attend the programme due to sickness or injury, a medical certificate is required. You will be required to notify the APRSA prior to missing any session in order to be credited to another programme at the discretion of the APRSA.

Use of Photographic Images for Promotional Purposes

  • The APRSA may from time-to-time produce photographic content to be used in the promotion of the ‘Skills in Schools’ programme. This may include printed material and e-newsletters, that include images of children participating in the Skills in Schools sessions. These images will only be used for promotion of the Skills in Schools programme within your child’s school and not for wider promotional purposes by the APRSA.
  • Where a parent/guardian does not consent, a copy of the child’s image will be required to be held on file by The Academy as a reference to ensure his/her image is not included in any promotional material.
  • Consent by a parent/guardian for the use of such images will be sought via the registration form.